In this Cookie Policy, the following terms are used:

  • ‘User’ refers to the natural person or legal entity that makes use of the Products and/or the Services provided by Studio Giffoni;
  • S.G Customs Affairs, Acacialaan 10, 1880 Kapelle-Op-Den-Bos; email address:; VAT: BE0465316522
  • ‘Website’ refers to the Studio Giffonni Website on the URL or any other url leading to the same content.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small bits of information which are downloaded to the device used to visit a website. Each time that the same website is visited again, this device will be recognized.

By using cookies, information about visits and visitors will temporarily be saved by that website. Other websites may also recognize the device used through that same cookie. Per visit, various types of cookies may be used.

Cookies allow a website to customize a visit, for example by:

  • Showing relevant navigation settings
  • Remembering visitor preferences
  • Generally improving the user experience
  • Limiting the number of adverts shown

Use of cookies by Studio Giffoni

When visiting the Website, you agree by default that Studio Giffoni places cookies on your device. If you refuse, possibly you won’t be able to (properly) use certain parts of the Website. If you were to delete the cookie in question from your browser afterwards, you’ll be asked the same question upon a new visit to the Website.

The Website matches information gathered from cookies with other information you provide about yourself, or other data that we have collected for the purposes as stated in the Privacy Policy of Studio Giffoni (available on the Website).

Studio Giffoni uses cookies on its Website to:

  • Improve the quality and features of the Website;
  • Improve your browsing experience on the Website;
  • Analyse the way Users use the Website and to collect statistical information.

The Website uses 3 types of cookies:

1. Strictly necessary cookies
Anonymous cookies that allow visitors to navigate around the Website, use its features and access secure areas. The information gathered by these cookies cannot be used for marketing purposes. If the use of this type of cookies is not allowed by the User, various parts of the Website cannot be used.

2. Analytical cookies
Analytical cookies allow us to analyse our Website. By doing so, we know how many visitors surf to our Website, exactly where they clicked, which sections are popular, etc. This allows us to continuously improve our Website. Besides this, we use third-party cookies (like Google Analytics, or Google Tag Manager).The Information about User behaviour on our Website is gathered anonymously and transferred to and from the third party. This anonymous data is subsequently analysed on our behalf by said third party, and provided to us in the form of aggregated data.

3. Functionality cookies
Anonymous cookies that the Website to remember visitor choices and preferences. Based on this information, the Website can show more relevant information to individual visitors. Examples of data gathered are country and language preferences.

Not allowing the use of this type of cookies will:

  • Block the use of various sections of the Website;
  • Prevent Studio Giffoni from remembering your preferences to not use or be shown a specific feature.

More about cookies

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2020 © S.G. Customs Affairs. Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy

2020 © S.G. Customs Affairs.
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